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We provide you with the best research done by anyone on the lowest rates, ensuring you get good grades and stretching your dollar value to the max. Writing for college students has been our most powerful skill and getting students good grades has become our prime job focus. Working hard for our clients to deliver them absolute quality reports and assignments have made us one of the top companies in the academic writing business.

Students have to hustle and work tirelessly to complete their projects in time before they get piled with more assignments which start the whole chain of events all over again. Our services tend to assist students and make their lives easier within their budgets providing great model papers which they can use to make a report of their own.

For those who pay their tuition by working hard and putting in maximum hours to cover their studies, we provide such a rate that they can afford while working and help them save more.

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Satisfaction guaranteedRevised until completely satisfied

We are not one of those companies who bind you to the order details you submitted and deny any more detailed addition or requests which are submitted prior to your order. If for some reason you missed out on some important details at the time of placing your order and would like to send them in the middle of the deadline of your order, we are happy to amend that and even after delivering, if you are not satisfied with the product we revise it again, so you are comfortable in using the model paper.

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You billing information is inputted on third party payment systems like PayPal and SWREG who are members of the BBB (Better Business Bureau), etc which have 256-bit encryption secured servers with protection by VeriSign, who are trusted names in the industry when it comes to secured online shopping. No one else has access to that information so billing details of your order are totally safe.

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Why our prices are so low you may ask? Well that's simple. There is no middle man in between you and us. You make an order and we start on it, it is simple as that. Because of this we are able to provide you dedicated service with 24/7 customer support and you can expect to get a reply from us almost immediately, with quality writing and yet again at the best rate industry has to offer.

Privacy Guaranteed

We at Berkeley have no intention of using your information in anyway and this guarantee is part of the service you ordered. Using your email address for newsletters or advertisement is not our style. People who use our services have our website bookmarked and we know that when they need us they will come. So feel free when providing any information to us regarding your research, details or any feedback you might have.

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Follow our twitter and Facebook page for discounts, as we literally share discounts for every occasion so when you are ordering, remember to check any Facebook shares or Tweets we may have posted for discounts. Our rates are fairly the cheapest, but hey who doesn't like discounts. Any discount applied in no way implies that the service given to you will be different, in fact we will treat you more like a VIP as you follow or like us and are a friend of the site.

Plagiarizing is stealing We don't go the plagiarism route

Plagiarism freePlagiarizing is next to stealing, in fact it is. And we make sure that any content given to you is free from that as we are not in a business of selling such goods.

Disclaimer: The services provided are meant to assist the buyer by providing a guideline, and that the product provided is intended to be used for research or study purposes. We provide only custom written and plagiarism free material to our customers.

Note from the Editor:Some thoughts straight from the top

In a nutshell, we love to write and to assist students like you who need our service the most without putting a hole in their pockets.

Dedicated team of writers is the phrase that exactly matches our team, as we are not here to make just a buck which in today's dire times is not that bad but we tend to help students achieve success which they totally deserve and have the right to use our services as a model for their own assignments. Rest assured that once you order with Berkeley, you will know and figure out why so many of your friends refer us and don't look anywhere else when it comes to custom writing.

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